At Ark we offers three levels of service, which can be customized for each client’s specific need.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We work with you to answer three basic questions:

  • What are your financial and life goals?
  • Where are you today in relation to your goals?
  • How will you get from where you are today, to your goals?

Comprehensive Financial Planning will cover all the components of other two levels.

Single Element Planning

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Child Future Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning

Other Services

  • Financial Counselling
  • Budget & Cash Flow Planning
  • Second Opinion Service
  • Loan/Debt Advisory
  • Major Purchase Planning

Single Element Planning

Investment Planning:

It is done to increase your financial resources. Once you have enough money to take care of emergencies, you should start investing your money. It includes risk profiling, creation of investment portfolio, assets allocation, creation of wealth, periodical review and re balancing.

Retirement Planning:

It is done to secure your life after retirement by arranging funds for your post retirements needs and maintaining your living standard. It is the biggest component of Financial Planning as Your working period (Accumulation Phase) & Retirement period (Distribution Phase) are almost equal.

Child Future Planning:

It is done to secure your child’s future by arranging funds for his higher education and marriage. It should be started as soon as your child is born. The expenses for education and marriage are rising everyday and we need a defined strategy to achieve these goals.

Tax Planning:

It is done to reduce tax liabilities. It includes: calculating your gross total income from all the heads of income, computing the total tax payable and then minimizing your tax by adopting certain tax saving schemes and a right mix of investment options. It also takes care of Capital Gain Tax.

Risk Management:

Protecting you and your loved ones against potentially devastating, unforeseen events is at the foundation of any sound financial plan.

Estate Planning:

Proper estate planning can help save unnecessary taxes and probate costs, providing peace of mind for you and your family. We will discuss your current plan and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Other Services

Financial Counselling:

You might have a question on your current investments or say an exit strategy from expensive insurance policy taken a couple of years ago. You can trust us as an advisor, who can answer your queries and suggest you better alternatives at all times and on all financial matters.

Loan/Debt Advisory:

Every one of us uses different sort of Debt (Home Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card, Overdrafts, Vehicle loan, Business loan, Mortgages etc) to fund our short and long term goals. We offer you solutions to synchronise repayments and solutions to manage the quantum of Debt.

Budget & Cash Flow Planning:

An analysis of your cash flow may help you uncover funds suitable for investment or other needs. As the saying goes, just when you’re about to make ends meet, someone moves the ends. We give concrete advice on how to manage money so money doesn’t manage you.

Major Purchase Planning:

Are you planning for a house in 5 years or say a farm house before retirement or you want to accumulate funds for a new business or say a foreign holiday with the family or a play-station for your kid or a diamond for your spouse or…. The list may be endless. We work with you to timely achieve these spends on time with complete peace of mind.

Second Opinion Service:

You already have a advice/strategy to follow but since the Goal is important and the investment scenario is ever-changing, you can reconfirm and recheck your action plan with us. We would even appreciate a meeting with you and your advisor.