Financial planning, despite its name is actually more about life than money. It is the process of meeting your life dreams through the proper management of your finance. Dream of buying a new car, that dream house, getting your children married in style, or simply retiring early. All these are also significant financial decision. Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decision.

There are two ways you can deal with finance in your life:

Without Planning wherein at some point of time in future, you will have money and then you will decide how to use that for your goals. 
With planning you decide well in advance what your goals are and how you will achieve them.   

Financial Planning gives you more clarity in life, it provides direction and meaning to your financial decision. It helps you to provide right balance between your present and future lifestyle. 

Why is it required?

There is always a ‘Good Reason’ for not planning your finances, but just take a moment and think.  Today, You are busy climbing the ladder of success and realizing your dreams.
Today, Time is with you. But will you be able to continue at the same pace? Will your income be the same forever? Will you be able to live on your own terms even after you retire?
And more important, you have given your family the very best. And there is no reason why they should not get the very best in the future too. So now you realize there is even a better reason for financial planning.